Revalushion: A Houston-based Fashion Revolution

Revalushion Management is a boutique premier talent management agency that works with talent in the arts including models, artists, designers, etc.

We are a creative group of talents that can either work individually or together in a creative, group-focused approach to either develop your individual talent or utilize our pool of well-developed talents to help execute your project's business requirements. We are here to help you take on the business aspect of your talent exposure. Our specialty is talent management and we will work hard to make your talent work for you.

Our vision is to grow our mission statement from a local level to one of a global reach in a qualitative manner. We are always looking to expand our talent network locally and globally.

Our purpose is to provide a creative team able to execute your vision utilizing our pool of talents, which includes: models, stylists, photographers, bloggers, public relations, and other talents needed for your project.

Revalushion Management Agency NYFW